Jack White just dedicated a performance of ‘Icky Thump’ to Donald Trump

Written by Tyler Jenke on 4th June, 2018
Jack White just dedicated a performance of ‘Icky Thump’ to Donald Trump

Jack White is a rather well-known critic of US President Donald Trump, with the rocker having sold ‘Icky Trump’ shirts back in 2016, but his latest performance has seen his criticism of the controversial politician reach a new height.

As Consequence Of Sound notes, Jack White performed at the New York Governors Ball Music Festival on June 1st, where he showcased a bunch of old and new favourites for the eager crowd.

However, while performing the penultimate song of the set, The White Stripes’ 2007 hit ‘Icky Thump’, Jack White used some of the lyrics to hit back at Donald Trump.

Following the recitation of the track’s lyrics, White dedicated the line “Well, you can’t be a pimp and a prostitute too,” to the US President, stating: “That’s for you, Trump! You can’t be a president and a prostitute, too, Trump!” The crowd soon joined in with a chant of “Icky Trump” at Jack White’s behest.

Similarly, Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross recently sat down for an interview in support of their upcoming album, Bad Witch. Speaking to Warp (via Alternative Nation), Reznor didn’t hold back in regards to how he felt about Trump.

“I can start by saying that it is a fucking shame that as US citizens we have chosen a complete imbecile,” he began. “We may be the most demoralized country in the world. I know that many Americans dislike this situation.”

“I cannot wait for the moment when he is no longer president. Additionally, I want to say that for the first time in my life I feel a country with an existential crisis that is asking, now what? Is it just a shame or we start a war?”

“I think it’s dangerous, it’s just the terrible reflection of a country that devotes itself to consuming social networks and shitty products.”

Check out The White Stripes’ ‘Icky Thump’:

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