Izzy Stradlin explains “negotiation” drama behind his Guns N’ Roses reunion absence

Written by Bianca Davino on 29th May, 2018
Izzy Stradlin explains “negotiation” drama behind his Guns N’ Roses reunion absence

Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Not In This Lifetime Tour’ has proven to be one of the most lucrative reunions of all time, raking in a massive $480 million since its commencement over two years ago. With original members Axl, Slash and Duff joining forces again to tear through the Gunners back catalogue, it’s been a hell of a ride for fans to experience.

Unfortunately, guitarist Izzy Stradlin and drummer Steven Adler didn’t make the cut when it came to reuniting. Fans have since speculated whether the two will ever re-join the group, with rumours swelling just a few weeks ago that an Appetite For Destruction-era reunion could go down.

These rumours were quickly diffused as it was announced that the band had plans to simply reissue their discography in celebration of Appetite’s 30th anniversary. 

Now, Stradlin has revealed his reasoning behind having never returned to the band, in a statement provided by email in response to a Wall Street Journal article about the financial successes of the current GNR reunion tour, according to Alternative Nation. 

Stradlin, who rarely converses with the media said that he was not happy with the “negotiation process” that ensued when discussing a reunion tour.

“The current GNR tour has been a great success for the guys. My nonparticipation was simply not being able to reach a happy middle ground through the negotiation process. That’s life, sometimes things don’t work out.”

Fernando Lebeis, manager for Guns N’ Roses apparently declined to comment on the situation, however, noted that “Izzy is a dear friend.”

The article was originally published on Tone Deaf