It's Lights On For Vivid Ideas Tomorrow Night! Here's Our Top 5 MUST SEE Events

Written by Alex Batorowicz on 26th May, 2016
It's Lights On For Vivid Ideas Tomorrow Night! Here's Our Top 5 MUST SEE Events

Sydney-siders put their coats on every year to watch the amazing lights that engulf our beautiful city to make it just that little bit more magnificent. However, some Sydney-siders aren't aware that Vivid isn't just about the lights - and we are here to keep you up-to-date with some of the best events of the festival.

Vivid Ideas presents over 170 events in more than 60 venues around Sydney in 8 different categories! Sounds complicated? It's not! One of these themes of 2016 will tickle your interests and we are sure of it:

-Build Environment
-Communications + Audience Development
-Community + Social Impact
-Creating + Making
-Leadership + Entrepreneurship
-STEM and STEAM or Storytelling

Our TOP 5 picks for Vivid Ideas include:

1. Sydney Un-Locked: Charting a Course for Sydney's Cultural Future | 18 June | Buy Tickets

Let's talk about the future of Sydney. How do YOU feel about the lockout laws? What does the future of Sydney look like? What do we want our city to be? If you believe that Sydney should better than it already is this event is definitely for you!

2. Your Stories, Your Sounds, Your Song - Co-creating songs with The Human Sound Project | 10 June | Buy Tickets

To all those who love to make music and create songs, this one is designed just for you! We are keen for sure. Let your creative juices flow in this night of total fun! The best part is that you don't have to have any music experience, it is for any self-proclaimed musical genius who is interested in making music; that's pretty schmick if you ask us.

3. Clipped Music Video Festival | 10 June | Buy Tickets

This awesome night of fun includes a music video exhibition, screening of high calibre music videos, award screening nights and (our favourite) LIVE MUSIC! There will be a bunch of acclaimed directors, filmmakers, experts from the music industry and artists having a chat in a couple of discussion panels. So much to do on the night, where do you start!

4. Feedback: A Music Conference for Young People
June 13 | Buy Tickets

A must for any 12-25 year old who wants to get into the music industry - it's definitely our cup of tea! Only at Vivid can you network by being part of their industry speed dating session. You can also learn to write the perfect love-song... we love to be serenaded.

5. MusicNSW's Women in Electronic Music Industry Roundtable | 18 June | Buy Tickets

Sit a-round (see what we did there) a roundtable with some groovy speakers who will be covering topics about gender equality in the music industry (wooo!). You'll be hearing speakers from Future Classic, ECM - Electronic Music Conference, Fbi Radio and more to be announced. Definitely an entertaining night to be had!

What's even funkier about this event is that there is a free showcase afterwards (yay free!) of Australia's most impressive electronic artists - well holy smokes; looks like we are putting our dancing shoes on, it's time to party!

If these catch your fancy and you want to know more about every event going on, take a peek at these other cool things coming up during Vivid Ideas!

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