Instagram continue their venture into the music market with ‘music stickers’

Written by Tyler Jenke on 8th May, 2018
Instagram continue their venture into the music market with ‘music stickers’

Just days after Instagram began to implement Spotify integration in their Stories feature, it seems as though the social media platform are getting ready to launch another music-based feature if some found code is to be believed.

As TechChrunch report, some code found within Instagram’s Android app seems to indicate that the service is about to implement a new feature which will allow users to share their musical activity by way of ‘music stickers’.

The code seems to indicate that Instagram will allow users to search for music through a third-party app and share it through their Stories, as well as being able to auto-detect songs playing on a user’s phone or in another’s story.

The code also seems to illustrate that these stickers will also act as a way to give users the chance to listen to the song, effectively turning your photo or video into an amateur music video if you so wish.

One user on Twitter shared an image of her device which seemed to briefly give her the chance to test out these new features. While the app was able to correctly detect the song she was listening to, the app supposedly crashed when she attempted to try out the new ‘music stickers’ feature.

Instagram are yet to comment on the new feature, and previous attempts for clarification from some media outlets have been met with silence. However, considering the service’s recent pairing with Spotify, it makes sense that things such as ‘music stickers’ would be the next step for them. However, it looks like we’ll have to wait and see how it turns out.

The article was originally published on The Industry Observer