Inside the first ATMs in Australia, from 1969

Written by Nathan Jolly on 11th July, 2018
Inside the first ATMs in Australia, from 1969

A member of the Facebook group ‘Vintage Photos of Cities and Towns in Australia’ has shared an old ABC news report of the first ATMs introduced in Australia, back in swinging 1969.

“All you do is just place this card in here, in the slot, it’s taken inside, you wait for a light to come on and you press six digits – and out drops your instant cash”, explains the reporter.

The cash is wrapped in a ‘Chubb’ paper, and contains $25 – the only amount available. The card is returned “not immediately” but instead mailed back to the customer by the bank.

And if the customer happens to need more than $25?

“Well, in that case, I think it’d be best if they make arrangements with their local bank manager to overcome this problem.”

Check out it below, and marvel at how far we’ve come.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine