Important News About Using Your Mobile At Splendour!

Written by Prue Thomas on 30th June, 2014
Important News About Using Your Mobile At Splendour!

Listen up! You need to read this, especially if you're with Telstra.

We know that phone coverage at Splendour is very important to you. You'll no doubt want to upload selfies to your Insta account, check in at the Amphitheatre during your favourite band's set and post witty status updates.

More importantly though, you'll want to be connected with your friends onsite, access information from the Splendour app and internet, and maybe coordinate how you're going to get home!

So, we are giving you the following information now so that you have adequate time to make plans.

Each mobile phone company traditionally provides a Cell on Wheels tower (otherwise known as a COW) to expand their network coverage and capacity during big events like Splendour In The Grass.

This year Telstra will not have any COWs on site at Splendour and this will have a major impact on their network coverage at the show.

We have been in discussions with Telstra since Sept 2013 and early on they committed to providing free COWs as they did for Splendour's 2013 event. Only last month Telstra withdrew this commitment and provided us with a prohibitive quote to supply these COWs.

While we are committed to providing you with the best Splendour experience possible, we are not in a position to pay many hundreds of thousands of dollars for a service that actually generates revenue for Telstra.

Here's a run down of what you can expect from your carrier:

Telstra customers will have very limited mobile phone coverage at Splendour. It will be difficult to get a signal to make calls, download or upload any data. You will struggle!

Optus customers can expect good reception throughout Splendour 2014 through the provision of a COW with a significant relay tower (some 40m), which is located at the venue.

Vodafone customers will also benefit from a COW being strategically placed at the venue to improve coverage and capacity.

Further information can be found at the Parklands' website (click on Events):


IMPORTANT! If you are with Telstra make sure you PRINT YOUR EVENT TICKET AND BRING IT WITH YOU to the venue. Do not rely on mobile coverage at the show

And while you're at the printer! Campers Carpark Passes, RV Parking Passes and Day Parking Passes will be emailed to you as electronic tickets and will also need to be printed and placed on the dashboard of your vehicle on the drivers' side. Your car pass contains a barcode that will be scanned upon arrival. Do not damage or tamper with this barcode or your entry may be delayed or denied.

Okay, we hope you now have all the info you need to get yourself sorted and selfie the shiz out of yourself at Splendour 2014!


TICKET RESALE FACILITY is now open HERE or phone 1300 GET TIX (438 849).

CAR PASSES are on sale now. Click HERE for Day Carpark Passes, HERE for Campaign & RV Carpark Passes or phone 1300 GET TIX (438 849). Visit the Splendour website for more detailed information.

Shuttle services will run between surrounding locations including Byron Bay, Brunswick Heads and North Byron Parklands. Head to splendourinthegrass.com for all the up to date bus schedule information.