Iggy Pop reckons Mitski is “the most advanced American songwriter”

Written by Geordie Gray on 14th June, 2018
Iggy Pop reckons Mitski is “the most advanced American songwriter”

The Godfather of Punk has sung Mitski’s praises on his BBC 6 radio show. Yesterday before playing her song “My Body’s Made of Crushed Little Stars.” Iggy had this to say:

“She’s a great talent. For me she’s probably the most advanced American songwriter that I know — if it’s not her, maybe I would say Justin Vernon, the Bon Iver guy — but this young woman is really really really… she can do whatever she wants. She writes and sings and she plays too; her name’s Mitski.”

You can listen to a snippet of the stream below:

I wish sound were tangible so I could put a chain through this and wear it around my neck. Iggy Pop on BBC6, talking about…my music(!)

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Mitski’s next album Be The Cowboy arrives August 17th via Dead Oceans.


Be The Cowboy tracklist:

01 Geyser

02 Why Didn’t You Stop Me

03 Old Friend

04 A Pearl

05 Lonesome Love

06 Remember My Name

07 Me and My Husband

08 Come Into the Water

09 Nobody

10 Pink in the Night

11 A Horse Named Cold Air

12 Washing Machine Heart

13 Blue Light

14 Two Slow Dancers

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