If we were alive in 1990, we would have been at this show

Written by Bree Bowles on 15th June, 2018
If we were alive in 1990, we would have been at this show

A video from 2013 has reemerged of Green Day playing a gig at their high school in 1990.

Uploaded by our new hero Leo Dyke, you can check out the full performance below! (Just don’t mind the guy filming who works out what zoom is halfway through and doesn’t stop.)

The concert took place at Pinole Valley High School, where the band played tracks off their debut album ’39/Smooth’, and one song from ‘Kerplunk!’ an entire year before the record was released. Yep, and in case you were wondering, this was the school Billie Joe Armstrong dropped out of to focus on his music career.

The set list is pure bliss:

1. Going To Pasalacqua

2. At The Library

3. 409 In Your Coffee Maker

4. 16

5. The Judge’s Daughter

6. Road To Acceptance

7. Knowledge (Operation Ivy)

8. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?

9. 1000 Hours

10. Don’t Leave Me (Incomplete)

11. Rest

12. Paper Lanterns

13. Disappearing Boy

14. I Don’t Know

15. Disappearing Boy (yep, for a second time)

16. At The Library (why not twice as well?!)

17. I Was There

18. Dry Ice

Little did Green Day know, four years later they would be playing Woodstock and influencing an entire generation, with many more to come. “We have one record for sale. FIVE BUCKS!”, and in 25 years a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, alongside music legends Guns N Roses, David Bowie and John Lennon.

We have to agree with some comments regarding the clip, “it’s kind of refreshing to see teenagers not on they’re phones”… and believe it or not, still enjoying the concert.

Despite recently releasing the vinyl soundtrack for ‘Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay Punk’, God’s favourite band are currently taking some time off, despite Billie who in April dropped a surprise track.

Can’t get enough of the black eyeliner? Check out this epic performance from the band at the 2013 Reading Festival.

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