How to see the blood moon in Sydney this weekend

Written by Nathan Jolly on 26th July, 2018
How to see the blood moon in Sydney this weekend

Of all the places Neil Armstrong has ever been, the moon would have to be in the top three. Made of cheese, regularly shape-shifting, and in charge of the tides inside and outside of your body, the moon is a powerful fellow.

This weekend it is going full blood red, as the longest lunar eclipse of the century hits our eyes.

In a feat of silly scheduling akin to when they kept moving Freaks and Geeks around to different weird time slots, or when the Australian Open means Home and Away is off air for a two-week period each summer, the blood moon is starting at the unholy time of 3:14 AEST on Saturday (July 28). We know!

There’s an annoying run up too (much like the Royal Wedding), with the actual full eclipse taking until 6:21am to happen, with the moon dipping so close to the horizon at this point that you’ll probably be able to touch it, assuming you jump or stand on a milk crate.

It lasts until 9:28am, but astrologers warn that those on the East Coast won’t be able to see it after 6:55am. Especially if they sleep through their alarms.

Happy viewing. Kiss someone on the lips as the moon turns blood red for seven decades of happiness. Or seven decades of bloodshed. The science is unclear.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine