Housos & Fat Pizza On Live Stage!

Written by William Frean on 23rd April, 2015
Housos & Fat Pizza On Live Stage!

You've seen the movie, now see the Housos and Fat Pizza go toe to toe live on stage!

You be the judge... you decide who is the funnier and most staunch!

It's the ultimate clash of the TV comedytitans!

Bigger than Ben Hur and better than finding 20 bucks in your jeans at the end of dole week!

See Franky, Shazza and Kev the Kiwi with special guests do what they do best.......

Drink, party, thong people and get totally sick!!!!

Crack out your designer Uggies and let the crusty characters you know so well entertain you.

The Press say... "Unapologetically crass, politically incorrect but funny satire of life" - Today Tonight

"Anyone in need of a good (totally un-PC) laugh should get on down and hang out with the Housos!" - Herald Sun

*Warning: May Contain Images of Nuts.
Contains 25% more laughs than any other show!
This show contains offensive language, nudity and a lot of butt cracking laughter...

Pack ya jocks tight and get ready for a wild night with the Housos and Fat Pizza crew.