Here's The Top 5 Reasons Why We LOVED The Plot!

Written by Nikki Sternagel on 9th December, 2015
Here's The Top 5 Reasons Why We LOVED The Plot!

The sun was shining, the gum trees were shading, the local brews were flowing, the music was pumping, and the people were dancing this past weekend in Parramatta Park. What made everyone so cheerful? The Plot was on - and it was certainly one spectacular afternoon!

Here's the top five reasons why we absolutely LOVED The Plot!


Understandably it was the first weekend of summer so we were expecting good things but we couldn't of asked for a more spectacular day! Reaching a top of 28 degrees, it was great that there was plenty of gorgeous shaded areas and then once the afternoon breeze came through and the sunset, it was the perfect temperature to dance up a metaphorical storm.


It had everything! Beautiful green grass, majestic big gums, shaded areas to lounge in, intimate spots and open areas. The highlight would have to have been the incredible lemon scented gum at the Narrative Stage! Every time you entered that area you were hit with its potent aroma it truly should be bottled. "Iconic: The smell of an Australian Summer' coming to a duty free store near you!


All local and all lovely! We found ourselves overeating, as we just wanted to try all the different flavours. Every vendor offered something different and delicious and the bar's local brews totally hit the spot. Some highlights would have to be from the Knafeh boys who supplied not just some delicious sweet treats but also a lot of the day's entertainment and also the Blue Mountains own Hilly Billy Cider, which was the perfect compliment to a gorgeous summer's day.


Where to start? There were so many dance moves and smiles - none of which would have been possible without all the amazing artists. From Sampa The Great kicking off festivities to Tkay getting everyone to stomp their feet like brontosauruses at sunset, Tuka's energetic set on the Narrative stage and then Art vs Science bringing it home under the stars with their party bangers. They were all diverse, energetic and crazy talented!


From locals, and Sydney-siders, to people from the greater west and even interstaters, you were all nothing short of divine. So many smiling faces, amazing outfits and general good vibes. Bravo Plotters! Bravo.

It's for all these reasons and MORE that THE PLOT will officially be returning next year!! We can't wait to see you all there again and to have a boogie under the gum trees.

In case reading about it wasn't enough, here's all 5 reasons wrapped up in a video!

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