Here's The Top 3 Reasons Why We Need To KEEP SYDNEY OPEN!

Written by Nikki Sternagel on 10th February, 2016
Here's The Top 3 Reasons Why We Need To KEEP SYDNEY OPEN!

Keep Sydney Open has committed themselves to establishing a safe and fulfilling late-night culture in our beautiful and vibrant city! They love live music, we love live music.. Why wouldn't we want to help keep it open, especially given the poor results all-around of the lockout laws. Well, we've got three BIG reasons for you why we need to Keep Sydney Open!

Here they are..

1. Musos, bartenders, promoters, and everyone else in the entertainment industry need to eat, too!

We've said it time and time again - the lockout laws have significantly damaged Sydney's nightlife - but an effect that not everyone considers is the fact that these laws cause the loss of revenue for bars. If a bar can't afford to stay open, they're forced to close their doors for good, meaning employees lose their jobs and must seek other work. Many businesses have reported having their revenue cut by half, while we've seen the loss of over 500 industry jobs. With Goodgod being the most recent in a long list of venues saying their goodbyes, it's time we put a stop to this.

2. The lockout laws haven't even been doing what they were created to do - there hasn't been a dent in the number of assaults in the CBD.

A BOSCAR report released last month showed an insignificant change in the number of assaults in the CBD. Yes, you may argue that Kings Cross had a significant fall, but this is outweighed by the fall in visitors to the area - it's essentially a ghost town compared to the pre-lockout era.

3. The people have spoken, and it's time to fix the damage done to our city.

As Keep Sydney Open gains momentum, and lockout laws continue to close businesses without reducing violence, more people are speaking out about the damage done to our city and the need to take a good, hard look at the lockout laws. We want to bring back Sydney's reputation as the place to go for a great night out!

There will be a rally in the next couple of months so look out for the details! In the meantime, tell the government to stop this madness and sign Keep Sydney Open's petition to withdraw the lockout laws. If you want to see Sydney back in all of its glory, help out today!

For more information on Keep Sydney Open and their mission, visit their website or like them on Facebook!