Here’s nine fun facts about bikes and cycling

Written by Patrick Campbell on 9th July, 2018
Here’s nine fun facts about bikes and cycling

Yes, share bikes are the worst, we all agree. However, it turns out that overall the biking market and number of people cycling around the world is growing and that’s great!

Whilst we can probably all agree that share bikes have become an inescapable nightmare, cycling itself is a very popular sport/exercise and mode of transport. In fact, an infographic shows that the cycling market is expected to rise from $45.08 billion to $62 billion by 2024.

To celebrate that fact and also because reading and learning is fun, I have a bunch more fun facts about cycling to share with you…

Woman cycling
A cyclist

It is 20 times cheaper to maintain a bicycle than a car.

Imagine what you could do with all that spare money! You could even pay off the $300 phone bill I just got sent.

There are way more types of bicycle than you’d think.

The infographic listed eight different types of bicycle, and they didn’t even include tandem.

Cycling was not popular until the late 19th century.

Even though the first bicycle was created in 1817, they did not become popular until later on in the century.

A group of bikes can also be called a pedal of bikes.

The first type of bike was a “Draisienne”.

Or a “Dandy Horse” if you prefer the English translation.

The longest tandem bike recorded was 20 metres long.

An intimate affair, it sat 35 people.

Cycling is very good for you.

It’s been proven that cycling reduces anxiety and depression. It can also improve your posture and increase muscle strength.

Cycling is fun
Bikes can be used on various terrains.

A “Hubbard” is a rider who doesn’t know much about cycling.

So me… If I had a bike.

The lowest gear ratio on a bike is called “Granny gears”.

I don’t really know what a gear ratio is but from what I understand it has something to do with the amount of distance your bike travels with every pedal.

oBikes and other share bikes are still the worst.

Melbourne got rid of them, now it’s Sydney’s turn.

Watch: Someone going oBike fishing in Melbourne

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine