Here’s how Bruce Springsteen inspired a plot line in the new Star Wars movie

Written by Bianca Davino on 28th May, 2018
Here’s how Bruce Springsteen inspired a plot line in the new Star Wars movie

As one of the most celebrated musicians of all time, Bruce Springsteen’s influence has reverberated through multiple different facets of pop culture.

Now, the legendary rock story-teller has inspired pop culture’s most revered asset – the Star Wars franchise. Father-son screenwriting team Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan behind Solo: A Star Wars Story have revealed how The Boss inspired the relationship between a young Han Solo and his parents.

The pair said, in an interview with Uproxx it was stories shared in Springsteen’s 2016 autobiography Born To Run that inspired elements of the storyline and the relationships between characters.

“We had both read Springsteen’s biography right around when we were working on it,” said Jonathan Kasdan. “It’s amazing. And we were touched by his relationship with his father. And we thought that it was a different kind of attitude to have about a parent than we’ve seen in Star Wars. And we thought that would be cool.”

In Springsteen’s book, he reveals that there was often an undercurrent of tension between him and his father, finding it difficult to bond with him. The Kasdans said that they aimed to install that conflict within the story.

“He is so vague on what his real history is,” Lawrence said about Solo. “And he knows he was alienated from his father. He idolized him! And when his father took him up to that ship and let him sit there, he was thrilled. But it was one of the few moments of connections between them.”

In Born To Run, Springsteen details his at times tough upbringing and difficult relationship with his parents, that eventually went on to inspire songs like ‘Adam Raised a Cain’ and ‘Independence Day’.

Last October it was revealed that Springsteen had finished recording his next studio album, which apparently won’t feature the E Street Band.

The article was originally published on Tone Deaf