Here are the best Logies performances (and hair) of all time

Written by Bianca Davino on 3rd July, 2018
Here are the best Logies performances (and hair) of all time

The Logies are an undeniable hallmark of Australian culture – they present us with a closer look at who brings us together as a nation. Whilst shining a light on the very best in homegrown TV, the awards often showcase some the world’s biggest international superstars, plus the best locals in the game.

From One Direction to Kylie Minogue, here are some of the most iconic Logies performances (and hair) of all time:

Conrad Sewell – 2018

Conrad Sewell is one of Australia’s guiding lights of brilliant, emotive songwriting. On Sunday night he took to the 2018 Logie Awards stage to perform his number one single ‘Healing Hands’. Emerging from a plume of fog, backed by a soulful gospel choir, Conrad’s powerhouse vocals soared over the track’s anthemic instrumental. By the end of the performance, it’s fair to say the audience was totally entranced by his charisma – and beach-y locks. You can stream Conrad’s latest single on Spotify here.

One Direction – 2012

Just before the band were on the brink of total superstardom and teen-dream takeover, One Direction touched down in Australia for a special performance at the 2012 Logies. Performing their hit ‘One Thing’ off their 2011 album Up All Night, the performance was a taste of the phenomenon to follow. This performance gets extra points for Harry Styles’ luscious curly locks as well.

Kath & Kim – 2004

A list of  great Australian television wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Kath & Kim. As Australia’s icons who championed footy franks and Tia Maria, the mother-daughter trip took to the stage to perform a special rendition of their world-beating smash ‘Lady Bump’, fit with the fabulous ladies signature style and Kath Day Night’s iconic perm.

Avril Lavigne – 2007

Avril Lavigne is a hallmark of pop culture. In 2007, Australia was blessed with a bratty-as performance of her 2007 smash ‘Girlfriend’, fit with Lavigne’s signature died hair and her mall-rat aesthetic; it’s a zeitgeist marker of a simpler time.

Kylie Minogue – 2014

Queen Kylie elicited a mixed response from this one, however, her 2014 performance of eclectic pop banger ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ showcased her continual ability to lure the nation into the palm of her hand and amaze everyone with her transcendent abilities. Kylie commanded the stage of back up dancers with a ferocity, effortlessly reminding the country of her Queen Of Pop status.

Ed Sheeran – 2014

It’s hard to believe that four short years after this performance, Ed Sheeran would be selling out multiple nights at the biggest arenas around the world. Our favourite red-head took to the stage at the 2014 Logies to perform his massive hit ‘Sing’, slinging his tiny acoustic guitar with swagger over the hip hop inspired track.

Shakira – 2002

One of the greatest pop stars of the ’00s graced the stage of the Logies in 2002 to perform her (best) single ‘Whenever, Wherever’. It’s fair to say Australian audiences were not prepared for the level of fire the star brought the stage in all her edgy glory. Not small, or humble.

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