Here are the 17 non-English language songs to hit the U.S. top ten

Written by Nathan Jolly on 30th May, 2018
Here are the 17 non-English language songs to hit the U.S. top ten

‘Fake Love’ by K-Pop boy band BTS hit the Top 10 in America this week, which marked the seventeenth non-English language song to make the American top ten.

Billboard did a deep dive and compiled all 17 songs, which we have completely pilfered and posted below.

They go into way more depth, with chart positions and languages and all that, so do check out their feature – but due to space restrictions, we have simply listed the songs, in chronological order underneath this excellent, spooky song.

It is worth noting that five of the seventeen happened since October 2012, which marks a nice shift towards globalisation in the U.S. music market. Worth doing the Macarena over, I reckon.

Domenico Modugno, “Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu (Volare),” Aug. 18, 1958

Lolita, “Sailor (Your Home Is the Sea),” Dec. 19, 1960

Emilio Pericoli, “Al Di La’,” July 7, 1962

Kyu Sakamoto, “Sukiyaki,” June 15, 1963

The Singing Nun (Soeur Sourire), “Dominique,” Dec. 7, 1963

The Sandpipers, “Guantanamera,” Sept. 17, 1966

Mocedades, “Eres Tu (Touch the Wind),” March 23, 1974

Nena, “99 Luftballons,” March 3, 1984

Falco, “Rock Me Amadeus,” March 29, 1986

Los Lobos, “La Bamba,” Aug. 29, 1987

Enigma, “Sadeness (Part 1),” April 6, 1991

Los Del Rio, “Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix),” Aug. 3, 1996

PSY, “Gangnam Style,” Oct. 6, 2012

PSY, “Gentleman,” May 4, 2013

Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber, “Despacito,” May 27, 2017

J Balvin & Willy William featuring Beyoncé, “Mi Gente,” Oct. 21, 2017

BTS, “Fake Love,” June 2, 2018

The article was originally published on The Industry Observer