Hayley Williams is calling out those who don’t support the opening act

Written by Sarah McManus on 16th July, 2018
Hayley Williams is calling out those who don’t support the opening act

Being the opening act is something that almost every band has gone through in the quest for success, but often it can be hard to win over and loosen up those fans who have come for the headliner and nothing else.

As a part of their Tour 5, Paramore has hit the road with ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ hit maker’s Foster the People and special guest Jay Som. During one of their recent shows, a fan tweeted their disdain at a man in the audience who was screaming rude things during Jay Som’s opening set.

Paramore’s frontwoman Hayley Williams – someone who is not shy when it comes to standing up for what she believes in – clapped back at those showing disrespect to opening bands, saying “if any of us hears about this happening again, someone from the venue will find you and you will be asked to leave. show respect & gratitude to bands who travel far & work their asses off to play for you.”

See Hayley Williams’ tweet below:

And fans CAME THRU with their support, agreeing that you should show respect for openers:

And in the words of I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME: “Oh, come and see the opening band, Now that you’ve got your tickets and beverages in hand… You may just like the opening band.”

Check out Jay Som:

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