Grease is returning to Australian cinemas next month

Written by Nathan Jolly on 18th July, 2018
Grease is returning to Australian cinemas next month

Sure, the Oxford Dictionary will try to tell you something completely different around this time of the year, but as far as we are concerned ‘Grease’ was, is, and will always be, the word.

We love Grease. We love how it has a terrible message: that you need to fundamentally change who you are and what you believe in to find true romantic happiness. We love that its most beloved song, sang by kids in plays everywhere, has the phrases “we’ll be gettin’ lots of tit”, and “she’s a real pussy wagon”.

We love how — apropos of nothing — Danny’s friend Doody does that weird motorcycle whooping noise when greeting him at the start of the film.

We love Rizzo, and her famous stop-out-chick anthem, ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’.

We love how the car flies off at the end.

We hate how Sandy asked for some of Marty’s special perfumed pen-pal paper and then drowned it in the baby-pool instead of using it. But we love Sandy’s squeal as she gets her ear-pierced earlier in that scene, so it’s okay.

Anyway, the film is returning to Australian cinemas from August 16 to celebrate its 40th anniversary and tickets can be pre-ordered here.

It’s as simple as racing Thunder Road for pink slips.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine