Gorillaz’ new album is confirmed, to be released next month

Written by Tyler Jenke on 29th May, 2018
Gorillaz’ new album is confirmed, to be released next month

After a brief period of mystery, Gorillaz’ new album has been confirmed, with their latest record set to drop in exactly a month.

Over the weekend, it was announced that a mysterious website had been launched which led fans to believe that Gorillaz were set to release something in late June. After fans followed a website address found on a series of cryptic posters around London’s All Points East festival, they discovered a site which played a brief clip, showing off band member 2-D playing a guitar, while the words “The Now Now” are flashed on the screen.

While people were understandably intrigued, the group remained silent on the matter, not confirming whether or not ‘The Now Now’ was the name of a song, album, or something else entirely.

Now, as Consequence Of Sound reports, Emma de Caunes, the wife of Gorillaz’ graphic designer Jamie Hewlett, has confirmed the new album, sharing a post on Instagram which shows the artwork, and reveals that fans will only have to wait a month before it drops.

A screenshot from Emma de Caunes' Instagram story
Image courtesy of Emma de Caunes’ Instagram

Gorillaz’ last album, Humanz, was released in April of 2017 following a period of time which saw frontman Damon Albarn reunite with Blur, and leaving fans wondering whether or not a follow-up to 2011’s The Fall would ever be released.

While Jamie Hewlett revealed last year that Gorillaz were planning to release a new album rather quickly to avoid falling into another period of inactivity, the group kept rather quiet about everything until earlier this month, when it was reported that Albarn had left the new album in a London taxi.

“It was a disaster,” explained an unnamed source. “Damon oversees everything and, with Gorillaz, it’s not just audio – it’s the expensive visuals as well. The laptop’s contents are priceless.”

While the contents of the new record have not been confirmed, it was also announced last year that the band had been in the studio with Flume, though the extent of his collaborations are not yet known. The same interview saw Albarn mention a new song he was hoping to release by the end of 2017 called ‘Hollywood’. While this track never saw the light of day, both it and a new track called ‘Idaho’ have been played at recent concerts, so maybe they’ll score a spot on the new album?

While we’re likely to receive details about the new record in the coming weeks, you won’t have to wait too long until you get hear to Gorillaz’ latest album, The Now Now, on June 29th.

Check out Gorillaz’ ‘Saturnz Barz’:

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