Ghost’s US concert cut short after the death of a fan mid-set

Written by Tyler Jenke on 1st June, 2018
Ghost’s US concert cut short after the death of a fan mid-set

Just hours after their latest album, Prequelle, was released here in Australia, Swedish heavy metal band Ghost were forced to cut their set short in the US city of Milwaukee after a fan tragically passed away mid-way through their performance.

Taking to Facebook earlier this afternoon, the band posted a brief message on Facebook in which they briefly addressed the situation which saw an unnamed individual collapse during their set’s intermission on Thursday night in the US.

“Tonight, in Milwaukee there was a medical emergency with one of our fans,” explained the band. “We decided not to continue out of respect to him and his family. Ghost and all who work with us ask that you please send the family your thoughts, prayers and respect their privacy during this time.”

Some of the band’s fans (or ghouls, as they like to be referred to), took to Reddit to explain the event that took place. “I was there trying to help him before security came over,” explained one user. “He was semi conscious, and then he stopped breathing. I couldn’t find a pulse.”

Another explained how while most fans were understanding of the situation, some of them unfortunately reacted rather poorly. “Man, we were watching them perform CPR for a while. I feel horrible for everyone involved,’ wrote /u/lolaohlola. “Also a big ‘fuck that dude’ to the guy who stormed out yelling “this fuckin sucks” when they announced the show was being cut short. What a jerk.”

“Too many people were being horribly disrespectful and not moving when the security guards told them to make way for the EMT’s and cops,” explained another user. “Can’t help but wonder if they could have done more if people listened.”

An additional user conceded, explaining, “Leaving the show I was surprised by the number of people upset because they were inconvenienced by this… Sad state the world is in when a tshirt is more important than someone’s life.”

While no details have been released about the individual who passed, many fans on Reddit are currently attempting to put together a GoFundMe campaign to support the fan’s family.

Check out Ghost’s ‘Life Eternal’:

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