Gentle rock classics mashed up with the most brutal death metal lyrics

Written by Brandon John on 31st May, 2018
Gentle rock classics mashed up with the most brutal death metal lyrics

Let’s be honest, it’s not always the time for death metal. Maybe some days you come home, your nerves frazzled after a day of work, and you just want some gentle acoustic jams to smooth things over, rather than a dose of Obituary. Eric Clapton, The Eagles – maybe even Guns N’ Roses at their more gentle.

But maybe you don’t have to choose – perhaps you can have the best of both worlds? That’s what Steve Terreberry has tried to give us with his new video, which combines the soothing strains of songs like ‘Hey There Delilah’ with the frankly grotesque lyrics of none other than Cannibal Corpse.

Even wanted to hear Green Day’s ‘Good Riddance’ with lyrics more along the lines of “lying there helpless I throw a brick at your head”? Well, now’s the time – and the lyrics get far more brutal than that, as you’d expect. Noses torn off, people skinned alive – all in a day’s work for The Who, we’re sure.

He works his way through a string of classics, and we think we might chuck this one on repeat at the next dinner party and see how long it takes for eyebrows to be raised.

Here’s the list of songs, in case you get your flaying mixed up with your evisceration:

  • Eric Clapton – ‘Tears In Heaven’ / ‘Butchered At Birth’

  • Green Day – ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)’ / ‘Force Fed Broken Glass’

  • Plain White Ts – ‘Hey There Delilah’ / ‘Rancid Amputation’

  • Extreme – ‘More Than Words’ / ‘Mangled’

  • Guns N’ Roses – ‘Patience’ / ‘Worm Infested’

  • The Who – ‘Behind Blue Eyes’ / ‘Rabid’

  • Metallica – ‘Nothing Else Matters’ / ‘Edible Autopsy’

  • Eagles – ‘Love Will Keep Us Alive’ / ‘Mangled’

Check out Steve Terreberry’s ‘Pretty Songs With Death Metal Lyrics’:

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