Gene Simmons admits he was an “arrogant sexist pig”, adds “it was a different time” bullshit

Written by Nathan Jolly on 6th June, 2018
Gene Simmons admits he was an “arrogant sexist pig”, adds “it was a different time” bullshit

Gene Simmons appeared on last night’s episode of Andrew Denton’s Interview and was roundly called out for his past behaviour, which he admits “was completely wrong” – with a hasty disclaimer added, of course.

“You also have to recognise, and this is not a defence, just an observation, it was a different time.”

“So there’s no excuse for that kind of language [he is referring to lewd remarks made to Aussie journo Kathy McCabe here], but it was also a different time: the more arrogant and sexist you were the cooler you were to your fans.

“I’ve made lots of mistakes you’ve got to move on and be better. It’s time all of us woke up — and I’ll be the first to one to admit I’ve been an arrogant sexist pig.”

He ties his past behaviour to an effort to not be like his dad and walk out on a family. The logic doesn’t quite follow, but let’s hear it.

“My father ran out on myself and my mother when I was about six or seven, and I didn’t want to become my father.

“I didn’t want to get married, have children and walk out. And I also had ambitions far beyond playing guitar in a band and all that.”

Of course, he did get married, have kids, and repeatedly cheat on his wife.

“For 29 years I did what you can imagine guys in bands do and it’s interesting how arrogance… interesting is not the word. I hurt my family, I hurt my kids, my mother was not fond of it.”

Ah well, at least he briefly considered his poor mother in all this.

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