Fred Durst plays a DJ in a new show about millennials

Written by Bianca Davino on 7th June, 2018
Fred Durst plays a DJ in a new show about millennials

Fred Durst is a polarizing figure. The Limp Bizkit frontman has attracted his fair share of critics over the years for his at times garish behaviour. However, the dude responsible for the transcendent anthem that is ‘Break Stuff’ is more self-aware than he may get credit for.

Now, the nu-metal icon’s latest venture is into the world of TV, starring as ‘DJ Durst’ on comedian Eric Andre’s latest Adult Swim show Mostly For Millennials. A one-minute trailer for the show, set to premiere on July 1st has recently surfaced, featuring plenty of timely millennial piss-takes (you can bet the phrase ‘Woke AF’ pops up) – in short, it looks pretty damn hilarious.

Check it out below:

This isn’t Fred Durst’s first foray into the world of showbiz – he’s previously starred in the film Population 436 and made his directorial debut in 2007, The Education of Charlie Banks, featuring Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Ritter. He continued his directorial stride with The Longshots, in 2008 and is also said to be directing a new movie called Moose starring John Travolta, which apparently began filming in March this year.

Limp Bizkit recently made their way to Australia to headline the inaugural Download Festival where they played alongside the likes of Korn, Prophets Of Rage and NOFX. The band also played a slew of sideshows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane alongside Of Mice & Men and Ocean Grove.

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