Foxton Kings - The New Kids On The (Perth) Block

Written by Alex Batorowicz on 24th June, 2016
Foxton Kings - The New Kids On The (Perth) Block

Perth is producing some fairly cool artists lately and Foxton Kings are up there among our faves. They have some smashing tunes that get everyone moving their hips to their cool beats - let's boogaloo guys, let's boogaloo. These alt-rock groove rockers create such an atmosphere that everyone wants to be their mate.

They've just released a new single 'Hell Cat' - and its hella good. It's a twisted tale about a man with a poisoned idea of reality, that can't define who or what he is and what he means to society. Deeeeep. Get in a circle and start chanting to this sick beat:

Their EP 'Crooked Tales' was revealed on June 18 at the Boston and it's full of all the good stuff. They were supported by Oak Tree Suite, Oh White Mare and Gala DJ... legends. With dirty riffs and classic sounding, hard-edge blues, it's fantastic. We can't get enough of their new EP - which his pretty impressive for a band who only revealed themselves in 2015.

Take a listen to 'Black Whip Lovin' - which has had some great feedback from all who have listened to it:

Follow them on Spotify - have a listen and decide for yourself... We're definitely in love.

PS.. You can grab your own copy of Crooked Tales from Bandcamp & iTunes!