Fortnite Android scams are tricking players, so watch out

Written by Brandon John on 4th June, 2018
Fortnite Android scams are tricking players, so watch out

Not content with taking over PCs and consoles everywhere, Fortnite is hitting phones too, with the iPhone version already being banned in a bunch of schools, and an Android version about to be released.

The key words there being about to, as the Android version isn’t actually out yet – but that isn’t stopping dodgy app-makers from putting fake versions out there to trick eager players into downloading them, and putting their information at risk.

As Android Police reports, various ads are running online promising to get Fortnite onto your device, and are showing up on sites like YouTube potentially enticing us to download, but doing so reveals an app that tricks users into entering their Fortnite logins – only for their accounts to then be stolen.

The Ads showing up on YouTube have been reported online by users in recent days, and as you can see below look hilariously tacky and unofficial, but still have plenty of potential to trick less wary users who are hungry for their battle royale on the go.

A Fortnite Android scam

If you see anything like this, run as fast as you can – or just don’t click on it. And also beware videos demonstrating the game appearing to be up and running on a phone too, like the clip below. It’s just another (slightly more convincing) part of the scam.

So, when can we get a version of Fortnite on the go? Creators Epic Games have said it’ll be out by “late September”, and with the biggest gaming conference of the year, E3, about to kick off in a week’s time, we might hear something more concrete very, very soon.

Android is just the next platform to dominate for Fortnite, which reportedly has over three million people playing it at any given moment, by far the most popular game currently in existence. Making its way to the most popular phone platform will no doubt give those numbers a serious kick.

The one major holdout right now is Nintendo’s hugely popular new console the Switch, but even then a new leak has told that Fortnite will be making its way there too, and an announcement at E3 is very likely.

So, very soon Fortnite will be inescapable no matter which device you use, and you can play it 24/7. But until then, make sure you’re sticking to official sources, and avoid downloading anything that looks even a little bit dodgy.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine