Federal Budget 2018: How much money you’ll get back

Written by Nathan Jolly on 9th May, 2018
Federal Budget 2018: How much money you’ll get back

More than ten million Australians received some pleasing news as the Federal Budget was announced: they will be receiving a lump sum payment as part of the new tax offsets, set to go into play from July.

Here’s the basic breakdown of how it will affect you:

If you earn up to $37,000,  your tax will be reduced by $200 – paid in a lump sum after filing your return. The average tax paid in this bracket is $1,900 a year, so it’s a decent cut.

Those between $37K – $90K will receive a $530 reduction, paying an average of $10,400 a year (keep in mind, this is a bracket that houses 4.4 million people, so if you are in the lower end of this earnings bracket, you will pay a loss less than the average).

For those earning over $90,000, the tax relief reduces to zero above $125,000.

The budget has also banned ‘exit fees’ when switching super accounts, a predatory practice that costs Australians over $37 million each year. Funds will also be banned from charging those under 25 for life insurance policies that are tied into their super.

For a full run down, hit up Business Insider.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine