Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Taylor Swift made Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Son

Written by Geordie Gray on 30th June, 2018
Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and Taylor Swift made Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Son

Rolling Stone have just rolled out their “100 Greatest Songs of the 21st Century – So Far.” list and they have given a bunch of our favourite artists some well-deserved nods.

Here are a choice selection of some of the songs we are most excited about:

#93 My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay

My Chemical Romance are one of —if not the— most important band of the 2000s. They pioneered an entire generation. The list states that “The song marked a turn away from the genre’s girl-bashing antics and brought big-time vulnerability to the pop charts.” Which is exactly why My Chemical Romance were so important. They unabashedly embraced sensitivity and compassion.

#63 Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Goin Down 

Whilst this song ranks a lot higher in all our collective hearts, seeing it mentioned on this list does evoke a certain kind of feeling. ‘Sugar We’re Goin Down’ is a perfect pop-punk song and a quintessential marker of the times. It’s 2005 in three minutes and fourty-five seconds.

#71 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

Perfect saccharine pop song from the queen of everything, Miss Carly Rae Jepsen. Truly disgusting that this is the only Carly Rae Jepsen featured on the list. In fact, the top 23 songs should’ve just been E•MO•TION and E•MO•TION B Sides.

#70 Green Day – American Idiot

This one really doesn’t need any unpacking doesn’t. The titular single of one of the most defiant political albums of all time.

#49 Harry Styles – Sign of the Times

Rolling Stone described this song as being “a solemn, nearly operatic rock ballad that recalled Queen and David Bowie.” and they truly hit the nail on the head. I was initially quite skeptical about Harry Styles’ solo career, but I was so pleasantly proven wrong.

#29 Taylor Swift – All Too Well

When this song appeared my heart almost skipped a beat. I think I’ve spent the past month yelling at everyone I know about how this is THE best Taylor Swift song and doesn’t receive the acknowledgment it deserves. Seriously, the thing goes for five-and-a-half minutes and it never gets boring. It’s the perfect middle ground between country and pop Taylor Swift. My love for ‘All Too Well’ will never die.

#9 Lorde – Royals

When this song dropped it made a generation of sixteen year olds feel like a pack of underachievers. How can someone so young be so wise? so observant? make such poignant social commentary? I don’t understand the divine powers of Lorde. I’m just so glad she exists.

You can read the full list here.

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