Face The Music Just Keeps Getting Bigger! More Speakers, Live Music & Sessions Announced

Written by Nikki Sternagel on 10th November, 2017
Face The Music Just Keeps Getting Bigger! More Speakers, Live Music & Sessions Announced

It's the buzz, the hype, the rising thumpthump of the heartbeat of the city, an adrenaline needle straight to the chest. It's a meeting of the minds. A summit for the ages. K2 for the rhythm crowd. Poets write of halls of power, but here all walls are torn down, all doors flung open, a world of musical knowledge pumped straight out onto the streets.

It's Face The Music. Back and bolder than ever for the 10th year in a row. A big milestone deserves a big party.

The game-changing conversations, ruminations, and interrogations are back on board. The world-leading industry figures are back on board. The chances to meet your next favourite bands and business partners are back on board. This is the annual summit's secret sauce and the recipe just keeps getting better. Nestled within Melbourne Music Week again, there'll be plenty of music on show too.

Here's some of the new guests added to the already massive line-up:

Cheryl Waters / Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore / Michelle Grace Hunder / Nick Greco / Lindy Morrison / David Ridler / Yeo / Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen / Leanne de Souza / Michael Pohl / Jacinta Parsons / Pixie Weyland / Joel Ma


dance workshop with Amrita Hepi / cooking demonstration with Kirin J Callinan / intro to mindfulness & meditation with Sacha Stewart / exploration of virtual reality with Roel Wouters / exclusive screening of Her Sound, Her Story

And don't forget about the added performances!

Hachiku / Slowly Slowly / Stella Donnelly / Party Dozen / The Ocean Party / Angie McMahon / Robert Muinos

Check out the full line-up of artists, speakers & activities at facethemusic.org.au

Not to give you the hard sell but this is a Face The Music you'll wanna see. Don't miss your chance. Face The Music and dance.

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