English space-rockers Spiritualized appear to be teasing new material

Written by Tyler Jenke on 3rd June, 2018
English space-rockers Spiritualized appear to be teasing new material

Back in April, Spiritualized marked six years since the release of their last album, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. Now, the band have taken to social media to begin cryptically teasing fans with something new.

Overnight, all of the social media accounts for Spiritualized went blank, with their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages seeing all posts removed in favour of one brief clip. The clip that now features on these accounts is 17-second video that features an all-orange background with morse code set appearing front and centre, as well as in the audio channel.

Once decoded, the tapped-out message reveals the phrase “A Perfect Miracle”, leading fans to speculate that this may be the title of a new album. As it turns out, ‘A Perfect Miracle’ also happens to be the name of a song that the group have sporadically been performing live since 2012, but have yet to officially release.

While the current six-year gap between studio albums is the longest that the group have ever subjected their fans to, Stereogum note that the band did enter the studio in 2015 to record alongside producer Killing Joke bassist Martin “Youth” Glover. However, frontman Jason Pierce has noted that the group’s next album is quite likely to be their last.

“I’m a lot older now and in a weird way I think it’s my last record,” Pierce explained to The Independent in 2015. “I’ve already covered so much ground and already done a load of ideas. There’s no point doing something unless it’s better than that.”

“It’s mentally and physically such a taxing and demanding year or so, and there’s no point doing it unless it’s really something else,” Pierce continued, referencing his frequent hospitalisation due to pneumonia and liver disease. “I’ve never bowed to pressure and done anything I’d considered a bad move artistically. And I won’t start for anybody.”

Spiritualized have not toured Australia on a large scale since 2012 while supporting of the release of Sweet Heart Sweet Light. While the band did stop by for a 2015 performance at Splendour In The Grass and last year’s Supersense festival, eager fans are undoubtedly waiting for the band’s full return.

Here’s hoping that if a new album is indeed getting ready to be released, the touring cycle will feature a stop over on Aussie shores once again.

Check out a live version of Spiritualized’s ‘A Perfect Miracle’:

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