Emo punks Blue Velvet deliver another ultra-cathartic anthem, ‘Wasted Youth’

Written by Bianca Davino on 19th July, 2018
Emo punks Blue Velvet deliver another ultra-cathartic anthem, ‘Wasted Youth’

Pop punk and emo have always been rooted in the themes of growing up, the importance of friendship and the need for escapism. On ‘Wasted Youth’, Sydney four-piece Blue Velvet have dug deep into most heart-string-tugging depths of what it means to endure a “quarter-life crisis”.

Combining hazy, warm guitars and raw and uncompromisingly emotional vocals, the track culminates in a nostalgic, hook-laden affair that harkens towards the sounds of emo heroes Tigers Jaw, Jimmy Eat World and Title Fight.

“I always seem to be walking towards my van, and my imagination wanders into those Beach Boys’esque scenes with road trips, and friends, and, you know, everyone doing the twist, but reality sets in and I’m just driving to work,” said drummer, Lewis Armstrong.

I’m at a time in my life right now where I have this insane responsibility to determine the person I’m going to be for the rest of my life, and I’m terrified of getting trapped in a bubble of completely ignoring adulthood. “

‘Wasted Youth’ at its core, is a reflection of where Blue Velvet are at currently – as a band and as people. Having toured the country and shared the stage with acts like Turnover and Moose Blood, the band have endured serious growth and change, showing in their mature sound.

“The song is also a reflection on the band, and where we’re going. We‘re not the same people that we were last yearour attitudes on life and music have matured and there’s something so exciting about that.”

Listen to Blue Velvet’s ‘Wasted Youth’:

Blue Velvet ‘Wasted Youth’ release shows:

Friday, August 3

Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Friday, August 10

Vic On The Park, Sydney, NSW

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