Eddie Vedder’s wife hits back at Melania Trump on stage with Pearl Jam

Written by Tyler Jenke on 24th June, 2018
Eddie Vedder’s wife hits back at Melania Trump on stage with Pearl Jam

Eddie Vedder is rather well-known for his dislike of current US President Donald Trump, but now his wife has gotten into the action too, hitting back at Melania Trump for her recent questionable fashion decisions by appearing on stage with Pearl Jam in Italy.

On Thursday, Eddie Vedder made headlines for dedicating a performance of Pearl Jam’s ‘Love Boat Captain’ – a song widely considered to be about love and kindness – to the controversial US President while performing in London.

“I would like to send this one out to the guy who is in the White House back in the United States,” Eddie Vedder began.

“I would like him to hear it, but he doesn’t listen to music, he doesn’t read books,” he continued. “Can someone Tweet this to him or something? For moms and dads and children being separated at the border in the United State of America. That isn’t the country I remember.”

Eddie Vedder soon urged guitarist Mike McCready to raise the volume a bit while leading the crowd in a chant of “fuck you”.

Now, attention has turned to Melania Trump, who was spotted wearing a jacket with the phrase ‘I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’ emblazoned across the back.

While this would usually not be out of character for a family who are known for their attitudes towards fake news (the supposed target of the message), many have wondered why she would wear it to a children’s shelter on the US-Mexico border, especially while copping criticism for their lack of empathy towards migrant children.

Appearing onstage at Pearl Jam’s Milan concert on Friday night, Jill Vedder, noted activist and wife of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, appeared while wearing a similar jacket with the words ‘YES WE ALL CARE. Y-DON’T-U’ appearing on the rear.

While the pair appeared together as a way to celebrate their wedding anniversary (having reportedly met in Milan many years earlier), Jill Vedder took the opportunity to hit back at the controversial Trump family.

The makers behind the jacket, Italian brand Redemption, spoke to USA Today about the item explaining, “Redemption stands with the Vedders and Pearl Jam in support of the refugee children that were ripped apart from their families as a direct result of the Trump administration’s immigration policies.”

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam’s most recent song, ‘Can’t Deny Me’, is a Donald Trump-inspired protest song. It’s said to be the first taste of their new album which is reportedly on track to arrive sometime in 2019. Who knows what the political landscape will look like by the time it finally drops?

Check out Pearl Jam’s ‘Can’t Deny Me’:

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