Donald Glover’s fans have taken over a pro-Donald Trump page on Reddit

Written by Tyler Jenke on 23rd May, 2018
Donald Glover’s fans have taken over a pro-Donald Trump page on Reddit

If one was to look at the current ARIA charts, you’d see that with a #1 spot to his name, Donald Glover (orChildish Gambino as he’s known to music fans) is pretty popular. However, this success has continued in a very unexpected way, with the performer’s fans taking over a popular Donald Trump fan page on Reddit.

In June of 2015, the subreddit /r/The_Donald was launchd on the social news aggregation site Reddit. In the ensuing years, the page has become one of the most popular (and most divisive) areas of the entire site, especially following Donal Trump’s presidential victory. However, fans of Donald Glover have managed to completely take over a like-minded page, flooding it with mentions of the talented performer.

Up until a few days ago, the subreddit /r/TheDonald was a similarly-named and similarly-motivated page, intending to promote US President Donald Trump. However, after fans began to flood the subreddit with images of Donald Glover from his acting, musical, and comedic ventures, the subreddit’s moderators abandoned it, leading it become one of the most popular Donald Glover fansites on the web.

Current visitors to /r/TheDonald (which currently features 60,000 less subscribers than the official/r/donaldglover subreddit) are now met with countless memes, images, and links relating to Donald Glover (though references to Donald Duck, Donald Sutherland, and Ronald McDonald can also be found). In true Reddit fashion though, many of the posts found on the subreddit are designed to read as though they were posts on the official Donald Trump subreddit, with purposely misleading titles.

Image of the posts on /r/rTheDonald
Image courtesy of Reddit’s /r/TheDonald

Image of the posts on /r/rTheDonald
Image courtesy of Reddit’s /r/TheDonald

This takeover comes at arguably the most successful point in Donald Glover’s career. With his latest single, ‘This Is America’, currently #1 on the charts in numerous countries, his Emmy Award-winning TV series Atlanta having just wrapped up its second season, and the Star Wars spinoff Solo: A Star Wars Story, in which Donald Glover has a starring role, opening on Friday. Needless to say, he’s quite a busy boy, and it’s all paying off for him.

On the music front though, Donald Glover revealed back in June of last year that his upcoming album under the Childish Gambino name is set to be his last.

“There’s nothing worst than like a third sequel, like a third movie and we’re like, ‘again?’” he said at the time. “You know, I like it when something’s good and when it comes back there’s a reason to come back, there’s a reason to do that.”

As it stands, Donald Glover is set to appear in New Zealand later this year where he is expected to be performing new music as part of his Pharos concert experience.

“Pharos right now, as it stands in fans’ minds, is that it represents new music,” explained Fam Rothstein at the time. “But not committing to announcing a new album gives us more space to be able to shift while also not giving that much away.”

Of course, we wouldn’t complain if Donald Glover wants to bring his Childish Gambino project over to Australia once more, but whether or not it will happen remains to be seen. In the meantime though, head on over to /r/TheDonald and become a wholesome Donald Glover lover.

Check out Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’:

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