Diesel and Killer Queen Take The Stage at Hydro Majestic!

Written by Nikki Sternagel on 3rd November, 2015
Diesel and Killer Queen Take The Stage at Hydro Majestic!

Experience two magical shows while taking in the breathtaking surrounds of NSW's blue mountains over the next month at the Hydro Majestic Hotel! Join hot acts Diesel and Killer Queen as they take the stage and blow you away with their musical prowess!

Saturday, November 21st relive the golden days of iconic Queen music, when Killer Queen heads up into the mountains to pay homage to Britain's regal rock quartet QUEEN. They've been fine-tuning their show since 2003 - you'll think you're in the presence of the real band as they come complete with full costume, superb musicianship and accurate instruments (they also resemble the original members of Queen...)

They've toured all over the world bringing QUEEN back to the people - playing in places like Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Singapore & Norway, along with breaking attendance records, and appearing on Australia's Got Talent!

It's safe to say that Killer Queen are guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime! You can purchase tickets here.

To relive the journey of another extraordinary musician, on Friday, December 4th join Mark Lizotte (AKA Diesel) for A Time & Place - Songs That Laid Tracks. You'll go on a journey with Diesel as he connects the dots between influences that lead to the songs that we have all gotten to know over the years.

You can grab an extra insight into how calling into a local radio station as a young kid to request a song would eventually turn into a country infused track 'Coming Home'  from his debut album "Johnny Diesel & The Injectors". Spend some quality time with Diesel in a solo setting, strolling through the corridors of his musical inspiration - it's guaranteed to be a unique night unlike any other!

Grab your tickets to see Diesel here!

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