Did Tool just reveal their potential album release date to a fan?

Written by Bianca Davino on 30th May, 2018
Did Tool just reveal their potential album release date to a fan?

In what’s been a whirlwind 12 years for Tool fans, a Redditor shane1333 has shared his recent encounter with bass player Justin Chancellor that may have subtly revealed their long-awaited album’s album’s release date.

The Reddit user said that he conversed with Justin at the Cleveland installation of the band’s current music clinics, saying that he told the Tool member that he “wouldn’t drink until the next Tool album came out”. The post continued by saying that Justin responded with a “big smile” laughing, adding, “can you wait 7 months for your next beer????”

According to the post, Justin shook shane1333’s hand and ended with saying “seriously just 7 months and you can have them both.”

To add to the conspiracy, the Reddit user added a potential timeline as to when the band would be finished recording their elements, in accordance with the supposed 7-month plan Justin offered up.

“Justin finishes at the end of the month. Adam takes the entire month of June Maynard finishes in July. August/September mixing/mastering. October/November back catalogue releases on streaming services, opiate video release, Album announcement, and pre-orders available” prophesizes the post.

They also took into account that an A Perfect Circle tour would be over by the time the album would be released in late December, 7 months from now.

Updates as to where the band are at with the recording of the album have been few and far between, with Maynard recently publically begging his band to move along with the album. The band have since released a slew of behind the scenes studio images and a live-recording of a 4-minute track that could supposedly feature on the new album. 

The article was originally published on Tone Deaf