Death Cab for Cutie battle with change and sense of loss in new music video

Written by Bree Bowles on 14th June, 2018
Death Cab for Cutie battle with change and sense of loss in new music video

Death Cab for Cutie have dropped a heart hitting music vid for ‘Gold Rush’ off their forthcoming album ‘Thank You for Today’.

Strolling through neighbourhood streets, the video creates a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of better days, which is also explored through the lyrics.

“It seems I never stop losing you

As every dive becomes something new

And all our ghosts get swept away

It didn’t used to be this way.”

In an interview with National Public Radio, Ben Gibbard described the observation of change which inspired the track.

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become acutely aware of how I connect my memories to my geography and [how] the landscape of the city changes. I’ll walk down Broadway and walk past a location that used to be a bar I’d frequent with friends, or somewhere where I had a beautifully intense conversation with somebody that I once loved very much. The song is not a complaint about how things were better or anything like that. It’s an observation, but more about coming to terms with the passage of time and losing the people and the moments in my life all over again as I walk down a street that is now so unfamiliar.”

The track itself samples Yoko Ono, and apparently isn’t the only one on the album to sample other songs.

‘Thank You for Today’ is set to be released August 17 and is the ninth studio album from the band and you can preorder it here. Death Cab for Cutie are currently wrapping up shows in the U.K. this week before heading to the U.S. for a string of performances. 

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