‘Deadpool 2’ has the first film score to receive a parental advisory warning

Written by Tyler Jenke on 13th May, 2018
‘Deadpool 2’ has the first film score to receive a parental advisory warning

The score to the film Deadpool 2 has made music history by becoming the first film score to receive a parental advisory warning.

Back in 1986, Frank Zappa released his final studio album, Jazz From Hell. Although entirely instrumental, the record was released with a parental advisory warning sticker, indicating that the content within the record should be made available to minors only with direct supervision from a guardian.

While it’s not clear whether this was due to the fact the album had the word ‘hell’ in the title, the fact it contained a track called ‘G-Spot Tornado’, or maybe (and most likely) due to Zappa’s opposition to the placement of parental advisory stickers, the ensuing years have seen numerous albums adorned with these stickers, but until recently, a film score had never been awarded this dubious honour.

As Billboard reports, the film score composed by Tyler Bates for the movie Deadpool 2 has become the first album to receive a parental advisory warning, due in part to the title of many of the score’s tracks, and also due to the language used in choral elements of the music.

The score, which contains tracks with titles such as ‘Weasel Interrogation,’ ‘Holy Shit Balls’, and ‘Make The Whole World Our Bitch’, was released on Friday, ahead of the film’s release date next week.

“It’s a badge of honor, to be honest,” explained Tyler Bates, who has performed with Marilyn Manson and composed the scores for films such as 300Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Dawn Of The Dead. ““I’m pretty certain this is something Dave [Leitch, Deadpool 2 director] will remember for a minute.”

The most notable track on the soundtrack is arguably ‘You Can’t Stop This Mother Fucker’, which features a choir singing the line “You can’t stop him/You can’t stop this mother fucker,” before featuring the repeated line of “Holy shit balls.”

Deadpool 2 is set to be released on May 16th, while the film score is out now through Sony Classical.

Check out Tyler Bates’ ‘You Can’t Stop This Mother Fucker’ from Deadpool 2:

The article was originally published on The Industry Observer