Dave Grohl had a hand in the new Mark Hoppus and Amy Shark collaboration

Written by Bianca Davino on 21st June, 2018
Dave Grohl had a hand in the new Mark Hoppus and Amy Shark collaboration

Late last year, Aussie alt-pop superstar Amy Shark revealed that she was busy working in the studio with none other than blink-182’s Mark Hoppus. Today, the fruits of their collaborative song-writing genius have been unveiled unto the world in the form of ‘Pyscho’, a hook-laden acoustic slow burner.

The track takes cues from Hoppus’ masterclass pop punk chorus writing skills, combined with Shark’s subtle yet heart-wrenching lyricism. It’s a sentimental, vulnerable yet powerful display of emotion – a trait that Amy perfects on pretty much every release.

Listen to Amy Shark’s ‘Pyscho’ ft. Mark Hoppus:

Hoppus recently revealed how the song came to be on Beats Radio 1, recounting his first meeting with Amy Shark in LA.

“She was in Los Angeles, we met up for coffee. We were talking about an album that she was working on and she said, ‘Would you ever like to work on something together?’ I said ‘absolutely’.”

Later on in the interview, Hoppus revealed in an epic turn of events, that the track was actually recorded in Dave Grohl’s studio in LA.

“Literally, two days later we were in Dave Grohl’s studio working on a song that she had an idea for that was really cool. She asked me to be a part of it and I produced it and sang on it. It turned out really well.”

Now that Grohl is aware of Amy’s talent, we won’t be too surprised if she pops up as a feature on the next Foo Fighters album, or shows up at a gig to provide some solid guest vocals.

Mark shared that it was relatively easy to work with Amy as she already had “great ideas” and because her music is so “sparse”.

“That’s the awesome balance of working with different artist and producing other bands and working with other people is you take their ideas and you bring your idea to it and hopefully you bring it to a better place.”

“Amy had this great idea for a song and for me it was a lot easier than working with a lot of other artists because her music is so sparse. A lot of times it’s just her and a guitar, so even just her an acoustic guitar and maybe a beat behind it. My job was really easy, I just had to not over add stuff to kill the idea that she already had.”

Amy Shark’s debut album Love Monster is set for a release on July 13th, ahead of her massive Australian tour. The lead single ‘I Said Hi’ was released in April this year, and has since nabbed platinum status in Australia.

Listen to ‘I Said Hi’ here:

It seems like Mark Hoppus isn’t the only blink-182 alumni who’s an Amy fan – back in May last year Tom DeLonge revealed that he was a huge fan, even discussing the idea of a potential collaboration.

“One of the last emails I have is from Tom,” Amy Shark said in an interview last year. “I’ve been sending him demos and he was like, ‘Hey, I’m doing some more music. Maybe we can do something together.’”

“I don’t want to say that that’s gonna happen, ’cause I don’t wanna start rumours… but it’s amazing, it’s really hard to digest all that.”

Amy Shark 2018 National ‘Love Monster’ Tour

Supported by E^ST & Alexander Biggs

Friday, 24th August

HQ, Adelaide

Tickets: Amy Shark’s website

Saturday, 25th August

Metropolis, Fremantle

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Friday, 31st August

The Forum, Melbourne

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Saturday, 1st September

Enmore Theatre, Sydney

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Friday, 7th September

The Tivoli, Brisbane

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Saturday, 8th September

NightQuarter, Gold Coast

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