Daniel Johns says he still “loves” Silverchair even though they’ll never reform

Written by Bianca Davino on 28th May, 2018
Daniel Johns says he still “loves” Silverchair even though they’ll never reform

Daniel Johns has recently opened up in an interview with the Herald Sun, saying that he still “loves” Silverchair even though the much loved 90s act will never reform.

Johns clarified in the interview that although he wouldn’t reform the band if he were “held at gunpoint for a million dollars”, he still holds the band in high regard, maintaining pride in their achievements over their career.

“When I say I wouldn’t reform Silverchair event a gun point or for a million dollars, it sounds like I’m dissing the band. I’m not.

“I love Silverchair. I’m super proud of the band and I love the records we did. But it got to a point where it wasn’t working for me. Even as a teenager, I said when it stopped being fun we wouldn’t do it.”

He also noted that people “have to get over” Silverchair because it’s simply “done”, mentioning that towards the band’s end he felt as though his brain was working at “half speed.”

“It didn’t necessarily have to be a party all the time but I felt like my brain could only work at half speed, I needed to do something else. I’m not embarrassed by Silverchair, it’s just that I did it and it’s done. People have to get over it.”

In a recent interview with Andrew Denton, Johns opened up about his struggles with serious anxiety over the years.

“I wasn’t well, but it wasn’t what people thought it was,” Daniel Johns explained to Andrew Denton. “I have had a pretty serious anxiety disorder for fifteen years and it got really bad at a point and I was not coping and didn’t know how to deal with it.”

The article was originally published on Tone Deaf