Countless Foo Fighters fans stuck outside gig after major ticket issues in Manchester

Written by Tyler Jenke on 20th June, 2018
Countless Foo Fighters fans stuck outside gig after major ticket issues in Manchester

Thousands of Foo Fighters fans were temporarily left stranded outside the group’s concert in Manchester last night after an error meant their tickets were unfairly rejected.

As The Mirror reports, countless eager fans descended upon the first of three Foo Fighters shows in Manchester this week only to be denied entry when doors opened at 4:30.

The show, which featured support from The Cribs and Wolf Alice, was sold out, and saw thousands of fans rounded into a makeshift ‘pen’ while Ticketmaster officials attempted to sort out just what was going on.

“Just stood for 45 mins waiting to get into the foo fighters Manchester after our tickets purchased on the ticketmaster App was rejected,” one user wrote on Twitter. “I was not alone there were loads of us! wonder why we pay so much for tickets when ticketmaster can’t get the basics right!”

Another Tweeted to Ticketmaster asking for support, stating “Stuck outside the Foo Fighters Manchester concert. The tickets don’t work for anyone who got tickets from your site.”

Reportedly, some fans were eventually let into the stadium by 6:20pm, though this meant that they unfortunately missed out on seeing The Cribs perform.

“There was an initial problem with 2000 barcodes not scanning,” explained a spokesperson for concert promoter SJM Concerts. “Unfortunately due to human error, a percentage of barcodes provided by Ticketmaster for tonight’s Foo Fighters concert at Etihad did not work.”

“This has been corrected and all fans are now able to get into the stadium. The problem is now resolved. Everyone is getting into the show and all gates have ran freely once the technical issue was resolved.”

“This was not a Foo Fighters error and we sincerely apologise for any delays experienced by fans this evening, and will be contacting them directly in due course.”

This news of course came only just weeks after a controversial move by Ed Sheeran’s management saw the implementation of a policy which would see tickets bought from scalpers or controversial ticket resale sites cancelled in an effort to ensure that fans only pay fair prices.

Likewise, this event happened just a day after it was revealed that Viagogo had allegedly been caught selling fake tickets to Ed Sheeran’s London concert. Undoubtedly, there must have been a few fans at last night’s Foo Fighters gig worried they might have fallen victim to a scam before things were sorted out.

Check out the Foo Fighters’ ‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’:

Foo Fighters @ Etihad Stadium London, 19/06/18 Setlist

‘All My Life’

‘Learn To Fly’

‘The Pretender’

‘The Sky Is A Neighborhood’


‘Sunday Rain’

‘My Hero’

‘These Days’


‘Under My Wheels’ (Alice Cooper Cover)

‘Love Will Tear Us Apart/Imagine/Jump/Blitzkrieg Bop’

‘Under Pressure’ (Queen Cover)

‘Monkey Wrench’



‘Dirty Water’


‘Best Of You’


‘Times Like These’

‘This Is A Call’


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