Check out St. Vincent discussing the metal riffs that she wishes she wrote

Written by Tyler Jenke on 12th June, 2018
Check out St. Vincent discussing the metal riffs that she wishes she wrote

St. Vincent (or Annie Clark, as she is known to her parents) has been seeing some massive success in recent months, thanks in part to the release of her latest album, Masseducation. But as it turns out, the critically-acclaimed indie-rocker is a metalhead at heart, and recently opened up about the riffs that she wishes she wrote.

Taking over the Instagram account for BBC Radio 6 on Friday, St. Vincent was asked about the riffs that she wishes she wrote, and instantly jumped into a brief acoustic performance of Pantera’s 1990 classic, ‘Cowboys From Hell’. While Damebag Darrell would have been proud of her take on the riff, Clark did note that performing the tune on an acoustic instrument is “hard to do without a pick”.

Not content with leaving the metal riffs there, she then took on Tool’s 1996 track ‘Forty Six & 2’, which she mistakenly referred to as ‘My Shadow’ after the song’s chorus lyrics.


BBC Radio 6 noted that the segment was part of a 15-20 minute segment which saw St. Vincent discuss some of the riffs that changed her life, and also included her revealing that the very first riff she learnt to play was Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. This of course comes just weeks after she performed a stunning cover of Pearl Jam’s ‘Tremor Christ’.

Understandably though, fans are now hanging out for some sort of metal covers album by the stunning artist, and even the BBC have admitted they’re surprised that one doesn’t already exist.

“Patiently waiting for a full album of St. Vincent metal covers I never knew I needed until now,” wrote Twitter user Matthew William, before BBC Radio 6 responded by noting, “Given the reaction, we’really surprised there isn’t already a petition demanding one.”

St. Vincent is actually set to touch down in Australia this week for a whirlwind tour which will see her perform at Hobart’s Dark Mofo, before hitting up Sydney’s Carriageworks for a performance as part of Vivid LIVE. While there’s no word yet on a full-scale Aussie tour, we can only hope that we might see a Pantera or Tool cover thrown into the mix during her stunning live shows.

Check out St. Vincent’s ‘Fast Slow Disco’:

St. Vincent Australian Tour 2018

Friday, June 15th

Dark Mofo, Hobart, TAS

Tickets: St. Vincent

Sunday, June 17th

Carriageworks, Sydney, NSW

Tickets: St. Vincent

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