Check out Kanye West’s birthday song, as recorded by ‘Rick And Morty’

Written by Tyler Jenke on 10th June, 2018
Check out Kanye West’s birthday song, as recorded by ‘Rick And Morty’

Think back, what was the best birthday present you’ve ever received? Whatever it was, there’s a fair chance it won’t top a personalised birthday song, performed by the titular characters of your favourite TV show, which is exactly what Kanye West received thanks to the creator of Adult Swim’s Rick And Morty.

Back in May, Kanye West reacted to the news that Rick And Morty had been renewed for 70 new episodes with restrained jubilation, taking to Twitter to express his excitement and calling it his “favourite show” and noting that he has “seen every episode at least 5 times each.”

Then, Friday saw Kanye West celebrate his 41st birthday, with wife Kim Kardashian taking to Twitter to reveal that she had commissioned Rick And Morty creator Justin Roiland to perform a birthday song for her husband.

Appropriately titled ‘Kanye’s B-Day Song’, the track features Roiland voicing the titular characters Rick and Morty with musical accompaniment by Los Angeles band Chaos Chaos.

The track itself is rather creepy, describing Rick and Morty bestowing birthday wishes upon Kanye while creeping into his room, describing his body as a pillow, and cutting off a lock of his hair to create “some Kanye clones”.

Needless to say, it’s a wild couple of minutes, and to be quite honest, we’re sort of wishing we had someone willing to commission the creator of an animated show to create something as off the wall as this. In the meantime, we might just need to continue watching ‘Kanye’s B-Day Song’ on repeat.

Check out Rick And Morty’s ‘Kanye’s B-Day Song’:

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