Check out a reunited Smashing Pumpkins performing their latest tune live

Written by Tyler Jenke on 13th June, 2018
Check out a reunited Smashing Pumpkins performing their latest tune live

While there has been much speculation and discussion about the (mostly) reunited lineup of the Smashing Pumpkins lately, the group have now hit the stage together for their first time, performing a new song and an old classic on US TV.

Over the weekend, the Smashing Pumpkins released their first new song in 18 years, ‘Solara’. A return to form for the group, fans were quick to share their opinion on the new track, wondering how it would sound on the live stage. As it turns out, they didn’t have to wait too long at all.

Performing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, the group – comprised of Billy Corgan, guitarist James Iha, drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, longtime member Jeff Schroeder and touring bassist Jack Bates (son of New Order’s Peter Hook) – took to the stage to premiere their new song live, while also delivering a run-through of the classic hit ‘Zero’.

This reunion has of course been hotly-debated in recent times, with frontman Billy Corgan being quite outspoken in regards to the exclusion of former bassist D’Arcy Wretzky, while the bassist has also heavily criticised Cogran in return.

However, as Billboard notes, Corgan, James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin all sat down with Howard Stern to discuss the reunion, where they were asked about Wretzky’s absence from the band.

“The simple version is I spent two years trying to rebuild my relationship, much like James and I built our relationship,” Corgan explained. “So, music seemed to be possible because there was good dialogue. Every time I talked to her on the phone, she was absolutely lovely.”

“When we first approached her on the business side about ‘Well this is going to be the framework and this is what it’s going to look like,’ she said she refused,” he continued.

“The concerns that I had because I couldn’t get her in the room,” he concluded. “I didn’t know the state of her body, I didn’t know the state of her mind, I didn’t know the state of her ability to play. This is very difficult music to play.”

The Smashing Pumpkins are set to head out on tour soon to showcase their reunited lineup. While the group are booked until September, there’s currently no word as to whether we will see the group announce some dates on Aussie soil, but we can only hope.

Check out the Smashing Pumpkins performing ‘Zero’:

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