Charli XCX surprises fans with new single ‘Focus / No Angel’

Written by Georgia Moloney on 30th June, 2018
Charli XCX surprises fans with new single ‘Focus / No Angel’

The true queen of England, Charli XCX, has surprised fans with her latest single ‘Focus / No Angel‘. The two pop bangers are in her signature style, with bouncing beats and stunning vocals.

She only released the video for ‘5 In The Morning’ a few days ago, but of course she’s back at it again. Charli has released a whole lot of music in the last two years, and we are bloody thankful for it. She’s very deservedly taking over the world with her refreshing brand of fun and inclusive tunes.

Charli XCX surprises fans with Focus / No Angel
Charli XCX comparing her new Focus / No Angel era to Justin Bieber’s ‘My World’ purple era.

We are big fans of the above tweet #AlwaysABelieber.

Listen to Focus / No Angel below:

We are hoping and praying for a Charli XCX Australian tour very, very soon.

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