Charli XCX drops banging new music video for ‘5 in the Morning’

Written by Bree Bowles on 28th June, 2018
Charli XCX drops banging new music video for ‘5 in the Morning’

Off the back of a Twitter callout and a heck load of retweets, by demand, Charli XCX has just dropped the banging new music video for ‘5 in the Morning.’

The video sees Charli dancing around an eerie warehouse, in a black go-get-up and the most bling diamond necklace we have ever seen. The lighting is spectacular, the vibe is haunting and she continues to cement the new wave of pop. Directed by Bradley & Pablo, we hope they have Ghostbusters number on speed dial, you know, to keep our girl safe and all.

As Don’t Bore Us’ very own Bianca Davino wrote, the song itself combines “a groovy hip hop inflected beat, sultry vocals soar over the top in an instantly memorable melody line – it’s understated pop at its finest.”

This is the first video from the popstar in 2018, her most recent released seven months ago, in December last year. Take note: it has had a whopping 19 million views on YouTube.

Charli XCX is currently supporting Taylor Swift on the American leg of her tour, alongside Camila Cabello.

To the delight of fans, this month she gave us an exclusive look behind-the-scenes of the Reputation tour. She described the video series as an “in-depth documentation of my life as a nerd.”

Charli said the purpose behind the doco was she “wanted to show u guys what I do everyday, whether that’s being in the studio, being on stage or doing other shit. There’s lots of boob chat in this, plus some cute studio moments with me and my fav A.G. Cook as well as cool outfits, me talking to myself, and me failing at dance routines.”

We are literally counting the days until we see her live again, but in the meantime, we’ll just be watching ‘5 in the Morning’ on repeat.

The article was originally published on Don't Bore Us