Cane Toad sausages are being dropped from the sky

Written by Geordie Gray on 16th June, 2018
Cane Toad sausages are being dropped from the sky

In an attempt to save the native Quoll population, scientists have decided to drop sausages made from Cane Toads from the sky. The sausages will be scattered above Western Australia’s Kimberley region.

Quoll population has decimated and their demise is largely at the hands of the nefarious cane toad. When the furry lil predators eat cane toads they are killed because of the poison in the toad’s glands.

A five-year study found that captive Quolls can be trained to avoid eating Cane Toads. So this practice has now been expanded to the wild, with helicopters LITERALLY hurling these revolting snags from the sky.

These sausages are stuffed with cane toad mince and laced with a chemical that’ll make the Quolls temporarily ill. This will hopefully encourage them to stay away from the toads when they march in. A trial found that between 40%-68% of Quolls that took the bait subsequently developed a taste aversion to the toads.

This whole thing is ridiculous and amazing and we’re all rooting for the Quolls.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine