Brisbane’s notorious “poo jogger” has been identified

Written by Georgia Moloney on 7th June, 2018
Brisbane’s notorious “poo jogger” has been identified

For the last 12-months, a previously unidentified individual known as “the poo jogger“, has been terrorising residents of a Brisbane apartment building by doing his morning poo on their private footpath.

The individual is alleged to have released his sewer snakes onto the footpath more than 30 times in the last year, both angering and perplexing locals in the process.

Who’s been doing the pooing?

The elusive pooper was this week identified as a 64 year old corporate businessman living in the area. He was apparently quite important. Since none of his past titles even come close to being as good as “the poo jogger”, we’ll leave his name out of it.

Caught in the act

Routine ultimately led to the downfall of the poo jogger. One single photograph, captured by a resident during a carefully planned sting operation, is all it took to get this serial pooper off the streets. With concrete proof, residents of the Greenslopes community finally had evidence the police could use to track down the offender.

Neighbours set up a night camera to track when and where he was choosing to relieve himself most regularly. Using this information, the photographer in question took one for the team and hid in bushes by the daring defecator’s bathroom of choice on multiple mornings.

One fateful Friday, his stakeout finally paid off, and the first clear image of the bandit was captured. The image shows the perpetrator poised to strike, trow dropped and toilet paper in hand.

The 'poo jogger'
The ‘poo jogger’ caught in the act of defecating on a footpath in Brisbane. Photo: Steve Smith

Since his peculiar habit was publicised, Macintosh has resigned from his job. He has also been charged with one count of public nuisance.

If you’d like to see the full photo, click at your own peril.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine