BREAKING: Choc Mint Print Paddle Pops are back

Written by Nathan Jolly on 26th July, 2018
BREAKING: Choc Mint Print Paddle Pops are back

Streets have finally seen sense and listened to the numerous protestors lining the streets outside their head offices, and have agreed to lift the ban of the Choc Mint Paw Print Paddle Pop – for a limited time.

The ice cream first launched in 1996, but was a thing of the past by the time the millennium rolled around.

“Paddle Pop has been loved by Aussies since it was first created in 1953. Bringing back Choc Mint Paw Print gives Aussies the opportunity to have their own blast from the past moments,” Streets marketing manager Scott Mingl said, while furiously clutching his ice cream headache after gunning three Choc Mints in a row.

“Paw Print, in particular, has a very special place in many Paddle Pop fans’ hearts and we are thrilled to bring it back for a limited time.”

Get thee to a milk bar.

The article was originally published on Brag Magazine