blink-182’s new album will sound pretty old school according to Mark Hoppus

Written by Bianca Davino on 8th May, 2018
blink-182’s new album will sound pretty old school according to Mark Hoppus

When blink-182 dropped California in 2016, the band’s legions of fans were divided. Some embraced the sickly-sleek production and modern pop punk attitude, whilst some yearned for the classic blink energy that was supposedly missing from the record. No matter where in blink’s discography you rank the album, California is undeniably home to more than a handful of bangers that sit comfortably in setlist’s featuring their most lauded tracks.

Last month it was revealed that Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker were, in fact, working on new music together, with the two taking to Instagram to give fans an insight into what their studio time looked like. Fans were sent into heavy speculation mode as Matt Skiba appeared to be absent from the snaps, leading many to ponder whether the new album would feature a potential reunion with Tom DeLonge.

Now, Mark Hoppus has revealed what blink fans could expect from those ominous studio sessions, taking to Twitter to hint that the new record will sound pretty old school – 2001 blink era old school for that matter.

“Early days still but the newest blink-182 songs sound like they pick up where Take Off Your Pants and Jacket left off” said Mark in a tweet.

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket is a hallmark pop punk album that cemented blink’s status as total kings of the genre. Featuring tracks like ‘The Rock Show’ and ‘Reckless Abandon’ it’s youthful bliss and jubilance still resonates to this day – if blink could harness that feeling yet again, we’re sure they’d please fans new and old.

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