Beautiful One Day, Shut Down The Next - Help Save QLD's Nightlife!

Written by Nikki Sternagel on 4th November, 2015
Beautiful One Day, Shut Down The Next - Help Save QLD's Nightlife!

We all know about the lockout laws that are being proposed in several states at the minute to help counter alcohol-fuelled violence. But did you know in QLD the assault rates are dropping ALREADY without having these laws in place yet? Our Nightlife Queensland has received a report from the Queensland Police Service (their annual statistical review) showing that assault rates have decreased by 4% on last year, and there's been a 9% decrease in total assaults in Safe night Precincts across Queensland.

Even greater results are occurring in Brisbane, with a 15.6% decrease in Fortitude Valley, 18.4% in the CBD, and 23.8% in Caxton St.

These are pretty significant drops happening without these laws in place - do we really need to implement laws that are going to kill nightlife in QLD? Still, the government plans to regulate the good-times in Queensland with:

- lock-outs at 1am

- closure at 3am

- bans on certain drinks after 12am

These kinds of laws, implemented, would be sure to have detrimental effects to night life culture, which effects not only the hospitality industry and many jobs, but to musicians and creative communities as a whole.

Surely there must be other options the government can consider that would continue to decrease the assault rate, while maintaining an industry that is very important to both Queensland's economy and culture.

If you LOVE live music like us, you can sign this petition from Our Nightlife Queensland against the planned laws circulating around the state.

Our Nightlife Queensland represents people from across the State who rely on licensed venues and associated industries for their livelihood. The organisation represents caterers, bar staff, cleaners, waiters, musicians and small business owners. 

For more information on Our Nightlife Queensland and the proposed lockout laws, visit: