Bakers Eddy share their top tips for touring New Zealand

Written by Tyler Jenke on 1st May, 2018
Bakers Eddy share their top tips for touring New Zealand

Melbourne-via-Wellington punks Bakers Eddy have been around for a few years now, delivering their slick, infectious brand of pop-punk tunes to countless fans both here and abroad, so they know just what it’s like to put in the hard yards, tour relentlessly and play countless live shows to hordes of eager fans.

With the group having recently released their EP I’m Not Making Good Decisions just a couple of weeks ago, and currently about to kick off a series of shows over in Europe, the lads have decided to share with us some of their top tips when it comes to touring their native New Zealand.

Whether its finding the perfect tunes to make your drive around the country all the more bearable, or a quick guide on the right tour sustenance, Bakers Eddy have you got you covered for the next time your band cross the Tasman and are in need of a bit of assistance.

Sustenance on the road

When making the 10 hour trek from Auckland to Wellington, it is key to have the right sustenance. We generally rely on a range of snacks such as bhuja mix, home made scroggin and Signature range S n V chips. However, there will come a time where these snacks wont scratch the itch that only an Irvine’s pie can scratch.

The Irvines pie is the true Kiwi pie; soggy (the soggier the better), and available in multiple flavours such as mince or mince and cheese. You will find these pies at any dairy or from a gas station at 2am and they will only run you two bucks fifty, a small price to pay for a piece of New Zealand’s finest cuisine. Don’t forget the tomato sauce.


The dairy: the local corner shop (not to be confused with the ‘the milk bar’. Entirely different). No matter if you’re in downtown Auckland or a backwards town between Taumaranui and the ass end of the country, you can count on the dairy being right where it needs to be for your daily touring needs. Durrys, ice creams, zombie chews, and usually an inconspicuous box full of pornographic mags, a dairy really has it all.

Often looking like a rundown home, they are easy to miss but rest assured you’ll find the shining “Tip Top” ice cream sign just when you need it most. Usually run by a friendly family that lives above, they are there to help whether it is with over priced smokes, a helpful tip on recharging your prepay top up or just some local knowledge.


It is absolutely fundamental to have the right choons on hand to pass the hours as you haul ass to make the next show. Nothing holds the team together like a communal singalong to Dave Dobbyn.

The playlist MUST include a vast variety of Kiwi dub/roots and reggae, the likes of Katchafire, Kora, and Fat Freddy’s Drop. These easy listening summertime beats boost morale and takes your mind off not actually having a Kiwi summer. As you pass through Tirau (a small town located in the central North Island), it is a tradition to crank up Skinny Hobos’ track ‘The Merchant Of Tirau’. Make sure to play it loud enough so they hear it all the way in Auckland.


Venues in NZ range in quality and size and are disappearing fast, so you could find yourself on a professional stage or on the other hand playing on the floor in a TAB where the pool tables have been pushed aside. Be warned, plan your set to begin after the rugby has finished otherwise you run the risk of punters telling you to “turn it the fuck down” because they cant hear Murray Mexted’s commentary.

Like the time we played the Rimutaka Tavern (let’s face it, it was always going to be a gamble), where an irate red-faced Waikato supporter abused us for being far too loud as he was trying to watch the union over a quiet Lion Red. Also note that wiley old ladies will try enter your show for free using the excuse “I just want to play the pokies love.”

Things to do on the road

In Auckland there is the colourful “K” road night life to check out. In Rotorua, it smells like shit so go have a good sniff and hit up a slimy hot pool or two. An absolute must do when passing through Taupo is a dip in the lake. Whether its a sweltering 18 degrees or a blistering 3, a skinny dip is a compulsory move for Bakers Eddy – and its a great hangover cure!

Wellington is by far the best NZ city for great coffee, gale force winds and craft beer and a walk around the city will kill all of about 30 minutes. Christchurch has bugger all to offer since the quakes but interesting new stuff is popping up all the time. Dunedin is cold and miserable in the winter but it is home to one of the country’s biggest Save Mart (a giant size Salvos) a great place to grab a cheeky bargain.

The do’s and don’t of Kiwi beer

Always Speight’s.

Check out Bakers Eddy’s I’m Not Making Good Decisions:

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